Peshkash (Tabla Solo)
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TARANG - Fall 2014 (U.S.A. Tour)

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Abhijit Banerjee...

Considered among the top class of tabla players from India, Abhijit Banerjee is one of the most sought after creative artists in the realm of Indian classical music. Abhijit has crafted a unique style and creative approach which has brought him accolades and awards throughout the world. He is known for his sensitivity,skill and deep sense of musicality.  Apart from his contributions to Indian music he has delved into a diverse variety of world music crossover as both a performer and composer.

Recognizing his talent and natural inclination towards music his father steered him to tabla at the age of four.  Abhijit also studied vocal music and violin later in his life in making a complete musician out of him.   He is considered as one of the main disciples of the illustrious guru, the late Pt.....

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Tour Calender

Ancient Sound
07 September 2013
Performance at Houston, USA with Aman Ali, Ayan Ali, Rahim (Iraq), a collaboration of Persia and India
India Jazz Suites
12 September 2014
Los Angeles, Red Cat Theater
Indian Classical Music
13 September 2014
Basant Bahar , SFO
Indian Classical Music
14 September 2014
Los Angeles
Europe Tour
26 September 2014
Europe, France
Europe Tour
28 September 2014
Europe, Norway
Europe Tour
02 October 2014
Europe Tour
03 October 2014
Europe Tour
04 October 2014
05 October 2013
Percusssion Ensemble Abhijit Banerjee Somnath Roy Apurba Manna Partha Sarathy At Ramkrishna Mission, Narendrapur, Kolkata
Europe Tour
10 October 2014
Percussion Festival, Puerto Rico
17 October 2013
Hosteb By Puerto Rico conservatory of music www.cmpr.edu Clinique and performance
18 October 2014
Houston IAA
19 October 2013
The programme will be hosted at University of California, LA
Indian Classical Music concert
20 October 2013
Seattle, with Pandit Satish Vyas
Classical Music Concert
26 October 2013
Performance at San Diego with Ustad Saheed Parvez
Dhwani Concert
27 October 2013
Guest Artist: Partha Bose (Sitar) Venue: PS-69Q, Jackson Heights, 77-02, 37th Avenue, Queens, NY11372
01 November 2014
Indian Classical
03 November 2013
Boston Mithas MIT
Classical Music Concert
03 November 2013
Performance with Partha Bose (Sitar) Venue: Boston
06 November 2014
Abhijit Banerjee Percussion Ensemble Puerto Rico Music and percussion Festival.
Dhwani Concert
10 November 2013
Los Angeles
Indian Classical Music
14 November 2014
South Carolina
Indian Classical Music concert
30 November 2013
Performance with Begum Parveen Sultana at Dhaka
Classical Music Concert
01 December 2013
ITC, Bangladesh
Classical Music Concert
08 December 2013
Sangeet Ashram, Kolkata
Indian Classical
14 December 2013
Raipur with Ustad Shaheed Parvez
Taal Tarang
19 December 2013
Ramkrishna Mission - Cherrapunji
Classical Music Concert
22 December 2013
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